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The South Asian Bloggers community celebrated the Third Bloggers Conference on 13-14-15th Sept. 2013 at Kathmandu in Nepal .


Kathmandu (Nepal) : Third Bloggers Conference was inaugurated by the Senior leader of Nepali congress party and Ex- cabinet mister of nepal Mr. Arjun Narsingha KC with Lekhnath Sahitya Sadan started at 1:30 p.m that concluded at 5:00 p.m. Hindi, English,Nepali,Bhojpuri,Awadhi, Chatisgarhi, maithili Bloggers and literary persons of India & Nepal participated in the Kathmandu. Parallell online contribution was made by the other participants.

This three days celebration session was chaired by Mr. Kumud Adhikari, Suman Pokhrel, Uma suvedi, Sanat Regmi, Vikram mani Tripathi, Ravindra Prabhat, Dr. Rama Dwivedi, Dr. Sampatdevi Muraraka, K.K. Yadav, Akanksha Yadav, Girish Pankaj, Lalit Sharma, B.S. Pawala, Dr Ram Bahadur Mishra, Shailesh Bharatvasi, Mukesh Kumar Sinha, Mukesh Tiwari, Manoj Bhavuk, Saroj Suman, Vinay Prajapati, Sunita Prem Yadav etc. reknowned Nepali, Hindi, Bhojpuri, Awadhi, Maithili,  Chattisgarhi writer and folklore scholar.

Addressing in the program Mr. Arjun Narsingha KC said that "India and Nepal are just like the two streams of the river. The culture of both the countries are linked togather. This is a matter of pride that both the countries are having a culturel years. I am very happy that in the leadership of Mr. Ravindra prabhat this conferance was held in our country, In this way our views will be shared by both the countries."

Ravindra Prabhat, a Senior Indian Blogger and Chief Editor "Parikalpna Samay" said that if a Bloggers dies without transforming his/her knowledge to the new generation, the knowledge is meaningless. He related this with a saying “If an example if a witch could not transform her knowledge to anybody, she makes a hole where she dies.”

Many other projects in various Hindi and Nepali languages like Maithili, Bhojpuri,Awadhi and Chhattisgarhi are coming out from incubation. “These upcoming "Parikalpna Award" can tie the knot of South asian integrity.” Prabhat added.

Pioneer of Nepali Author and Secretary of Nepal pragya pratishthan  Sanat Regmi led the "Sarv Bhasha Kavi Sammelan" of the “Glorious 3rd International Bloggers Conference.”

Mr. Girish Pankaj explains, “This celebration is to mark the extraordinary effort of our Bloggers community members and invite new guys to join in.  We conduct small sessions to teach how to contribute to articles on Blogs.”

So, what do these Bloggers do? They run Blogproducts online to improve content on literature & culture, costumes, mountains and geography. Some even work on physics, chemistry and medicine related articles just for the love of the language and to make sure that  people can get more and more information in their own mother tongue.

Blogger K.K. Yadav from the Indian Postal Department  attending the event has encourage the Indo-Nepali Bloggers to take up new projects and suggest ways of increasing the community strength.

B.S. Pawala, another Senior technical Blogger adds, “Although Blog is widely used by students across the globe, not many know that this information is contributed by common people, young and old from all walks of life! In Indo-Nepali People, the awareness and the number of contributors really needs to be improved.”

Report : Nazia Rizavi




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