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How to Look Slim and Trendy in Skirts

Jun 1, 2013 , ,


How to Look Slim and Trendy in Skirts

Skirts have a universal appeal because they are comfortable and fashionable. In India, skirts look best for both- traditional charm as well as a contemporary trend. Designers and stylists have even said that wearing the skirt with perfect fit and cut can make you look slimmer and hip. So, here are some of the important tips that make you look slimmer in those skirts.

Know your body type

Select your skirt according to your body type. If you are on the heavier side then avoid picking out any pencil fit or umbrella cut skirts. These skirts work best for those girls who wish to accentuate their curves or who have an hour glass figure. If you are on the heavier side then you cannot go wrong with an A-line skirt. Girls on the heavier side of the scales should go for dark coloured skirts with boxes and pleats to hide the bulge.

Learn about the correct material

It is important to pick out the material for your skirt. If you want to look slimmer then avoid soft and clingy fabrics, such as velvet, silk and chiffon as they make you look fuller. Body hugging skirts makes you look thinner surely. It is best to avoid Lycra and other shiny fabrics, if you have a heavy bottom. But there are certain heavy fabrics, such as denim or linen, can help you to hold the tummy. If you have a curvy figure then it best to go for some soft and fluid fabrics.

Go for the right design

Skirts are one of the most sensible dressing styles. Skirts can be worn for any given occasion, ranging from casual parties to formal meeting. Choose a skirt that does not have much layering or flare. Instead go for straight cuts or A-line skirts. Avoid a skirt that has large belts and designs along the waist line.

Pick complementing shades and prints

Shade is as important as the colours. While lighter colours can accentuate your problem areas, darker colours can smartly camouflage them and make you look slimmer. Same goes with prints. Horizontal prints make you look fatter while vertical prints give a slimmer appeal. Floral motifs and psychedelic prints can also give you a slimmer frame.

Check your hem line

Length of the skirt plays a major role in dictating the appearance of the person who is sporting the skirt. Knee length skirts work perfect for all shapes and heights. A shorter or longer skirt only adds to your list of disadvantages. A knee length skirt can make you look taller and trimmer.

Smartly compliment with the right top

A right top is very essential in completing your perfect look. Choose a nice fitted top with a full sleeved jacket to hide the bust line thus making you look thinner. Don’t go for loose tops as they end up making you look all the more bulky.

However, in this race for the perfect dressing you must not let go of your personal level of comfort. Remember, if you are not comfortable in what you wear then it will not look good on you. Make sure you have a full length mirror at your place so that you can look at yourself well before leaving the house.




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