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Poet : Mahedra Bhatnagar

Why, the worship of Art
Fills each heart
With love!
The stone will turn into wax,
The hot desert into a tidal sea.
The whirlwinds will calm down;
The dark night
Will turn into a golden day.
Sing, O sing,
The birds of life will chirp
In the lonely valleys of death
And the desolate, dreary faces
Will gleam in moonlit smiles!
The worship of Art is meant to lit
Candle in each heart,
Or, fill it with the fragrance
Of sandal wood.
The worship or Art is meant to fill
Each heart with love!
O sing,
The world shall excel the Heaven in beauty,
No man will suffer old age;
A man will only an angel be   
And a woman,
A divine damsel she will be!   
Sing, O sing,         
That the spring may come
To the distressed life;
The boughs and flowers may dance
In mirth;
The eyes may cherish
The sweet dreams.
O sing,
Playing on the world's harp;
Stir each mind
With the priceless tunes of love.
The worship of Art is meant to rouse
A sense of beauty
In every man!
The worship of Art is meant to fill
Each heart, with love!




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