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Expression has no age : Rashmi Prabha


Face to Face

Rashmi Prabha's is one of the significant post-independence voices in Hindi Blog Poetry, expressing the lyricism and pathos, aspirations and yearnings of the modern Indian intellect. Rooted deep into the Indian soil, his poems reflect not only the moods of a poet but of a complex age.

Life experience is more than a name...
Many people can have the same name... but it becomes significant only when one leads a positive life...
It is my pleasure to introduce one such person who has lived up to her name, has overcome all the adversities in life and who with her writings, has brought a new dawn for Hindi literature in the world of blogging - Rashmi Prabha.

The interview was taken in Hindi by Aparajita, but for the convenience of our readers, it has been translated in English.

() Editor
Basic Info:
Date of Birth - February 13, 1958/ Place of birth - Sitamarhi/Education: B.A (History Hons.)/Languages ​​known- Hindi, English, Bhojpuri/Published work : Poetry – Own Collections and Collections Edited: Shabdon ka rishta (2010), Anuttarit (2011), Mahabhinishkraman se Nirvaan tak (2012), Mera Aatmachintan (2012), Ek pal (2012),Anmol Sanchayan -Ed (2010), Anugoonj -Ed (2011), Parikrama -Ed (2011), Ek Saans Meri -Ed (2012), Khamosh, Khamoshi Aur Hum -Ed (2012), Vatvriksh (Quarterly Newsletter) - 2011 till now Films: Sai More Baba - lyricist and story writer/Audio - Video Collection: Kuch unke naam (Amrita Pritam - Imroj)/ Awards and Recognitions: Best Poetess 2010 by Parikalpana (Quarterly Newsletter)/Mention in the list of 111 best Hindi writers by the magazine 'The Sunday Indian'/Awarded with Parikalpana Dashak Samman - 2003-2012/Shamsher Janmshati Kavya Samman - Awards – 2011/Women on Top/Email id :

1. What was your life like before becoming a writer?

Rashmi : Words, expressions are my family heritage .... Before becoming a writer, I was a girl who used to see many dreams - who made her journey from being a daughter, sister, wife and a mother, a journey similar to a bird! The bird's wings and indomitable courage of flying high is known to all – and it was to known to me as well.
So I planted the seed of my dreams literally up from the earth to the sky, in the hidden secrets of horizon and became a writer for you - I got a new life in my words.

2. What sparked the idea of your first poetry collection?

Rashmi : Relationships give a start to life and the words give name and meaning to these relations. In my journey of writing, I met a lot of people and then the need of strengthening this bond struck me. And I wished to spread the rays everywhere bringing a new dawn to people's life. It was then when I released my first poetry collection - Shabdon ka Rishta i.e. Relationship/bond of words.

3. What is your writing routine?

Rashmi : For any lady, it's her home which comes first... her stove which cooks happiness and thoughts or emotions - they don't see any routine.. At times, they just wake me up from my sleep.. So I have put my laptop near the kitchen - I switch it on with my morning snack and a cup of hot tea - and start reading, writing.
Shall I tell you a funny thing - when I go to get the ration of the month and at that time, or in the way some thoughts touches me, I make a note of it in my mobile ....... It happens at midnight as well a few times. No one plays hide and seek better than words and to write better, there isn't any fixed time ..

4. Who inspired you to start writing/blogging?

Rashmi : I was born and brought up in a literary environment. I am fortunate that my name was gifted to me by the great Hindi poet Shri Sumitra Nandan Pant whose every poem has described the beauty of nature.
Amidst this background and the ups and downs of life made me the potter of words and on my potter’s wheel I kept on creating continuously...
I wasn’t aware of blogging, actually i had no knowledge of computers but my daughter taught me, she created a blog for me and I started writing blog...from 2007 till date.

5. Who is your idol as a writer?

Rashmi : It would be unfair if I mention just one name because there are many writers and poets of Hindi literature who have inspired me to write. Sumitranandan Pant, Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, Jayshankar Prasad, Maitreyi Devi, Shivani, Shivaji Samant, Ashapurna Devi, Premchand, Sharatchandra - are only to name a few. I am inspired by many – and one among them is also my mother, Smt. Saraswati Prasad.

6. What do you think about the young generation of bloggers?

Rashmi : Expression has no age and if the young bloggers' are not talked about - it would be an injustice not only to them but also to writing. I believe that many young blogger will make a history ... It doesn't matter whether sea waves are small or big - what counts is the depth of beauty and insignia. My good wishes are with the young bloggers - in fact, beyond my ability I am trying to bring them amongst everyone!

7. Lately, blogs have become a medium to voice one's opinions on someone's professional as well as personal life. What's your take on it?

Rashmi : Every individual's intent is different .... Politics, films - these have been a prime subject of people's opinion since a long time..
But we are not related to the personal lives of the bloggers, so one should certainly not opine about it as one must not use writing as a medium to invade someone's privacy.
Yes – at the same time I would like to add that blogging is a medium to bring about significant changes in society, it's necessary to facilitate the medium to voice opinions on important issues.

8. Talking about your career as a lyricist, how different was it to write for a film than writing for a book/blog?

Rashmi : Book or blog writing is similar to a water source - which is seamless. However, in case of scripting or writing lyrics of a song, there is a demand of the scene where one has to think accordingly

9. When not writing, what is Rashmi Prabha as a person?

Rashmi : When not writing, I am the same what I am with my thoughts, what I am as a human being - being a mother is the reason of my existence, mother that is love and love that is sense to human.

10 . Can we expect a new book release from you, in near future?

Rashmi : Certainly... 4-5 compilations of mine have been released and in the coming 5-6 months, I will be releasing another book of mine - with a new thought.

11 . Advice for someone who wants to become a writer?

Rashmi : In my opinion no advice as to follow a set pattern can be given for becoming a writer. I would only say that if you have the ability to express then do write, and while writing just make sure to write the truth coz truth creates an impact, it makes everyone think...

12. It might be a very unfair question but which poem of yours is closer to your heart?

Rashmi : Yes, it is very very unfair! It's kind of impossible to answer this. However, 'Kaikeyi ki khawahish' is one which is very close to... I have tried to throw light on human nature - one which can be easily criticized but difficult to understand when faced in the same situation... and that is the true answer... It's a poem from my collection - Anuttarit (unanswered) which you can read and let me know your opinions.

By: Aprajita Kalyani, Media Trainee, Pune




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