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Rahul Gandhi is Bhaiya and Narendra Modi is the threat of dictatorship like China

Feb 2, 2013 , , ,


Agra : Famous writer Shobhaa De said that Rahul Gandhi is Bhaiya and he have been type cast himself as Bhaiya Ji. Narendra Modi to lead the country from the threat of dictatorship like China. She was speaking in Agra literature Festival. The second day of the festival on Saturday and ad director Prahlad Kakkar Ad began the discussion.

Shobha De said that Bhaiya ji and Jija Ji are the leading the country  . Bhaiya Ji are running to holding the hands of his Mother. His father Rajiv Gandhi did not meant  Politics, suddenly he became the Prime Minister. Unless they're prime minister, while the country 'Banana' has remained. Rajiv Gandhi again and again that it is to say "Yah banana hai, Vah banana hai." But nothing happend.




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