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India and Pakistan are the world's most dangerous country'

Feb 2, 2013 ,


Washington:  President Reagan's administration, former U.S. Secretary of State George Schultz former top diplomat has said that India and Pakistan are the world's most dangerous terrain.From 1982 to 1989 Foreign Affairs Minister George Schultz - Relations The Council said on Tuesday, "the most dangerous areas of the world, I think, India - Pakistan."

He said, "You and they can easily imagine that some evil gang may attack another Mumbai and India will not more careful then you suddenly situation will be out of control in Kashmir and the next day a second firing on nuclear weapons will be' misuse of the fact that Iran and aggressive attitude of the Question asked about the same were giving reply in terms of tension between India and Pakistan.

He said, "It is a very dangerous moment and if Iran nuclear weapons and it takes to spread over it, and you will have to it that you keep making bite" on nuclear material to nuclear material of the most difficult. If you have weapons plutonium level of uranium, it out in comparison to make it (bomb) Many will be easy the former American diplomat the American President Barak Obama top of praise for the fact that the nuclear weapons to stop misuse of initiative for.

He said, "It seems to me that the President Obama was one of the good work that he went on material for better control a group of 40 subject. Further he said, "Then he made in Seoul meeting and it seems to me that it has about 50 subject work.




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