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4 Easy Ways to Manage Thick Hair

Feb 27, 2013 ,


Thinning hair may be haunting you every day, but the problems of thick hair are no less. You need toupgrade your hairstyle from a boyish look to a dapper Mad Men style,

but thick hair wants to make you switch to dreadlocks. You want to look sharper, cleaner, and sleeker—and every year, hundreds of newgrooming products promise to help you do just that. But you don't need them all. Help is on your way, as we have broken down the ABCs of hair glop for you that will provide a smooth do to match your smooth swagger.

Buzz it off

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The easiest way to control very thick hair is to simply cut it short. A buzz-cut can be a great option for some guys. A short Ivy League haircut (a cut buzzed at the crown, but longer towards the front) is another good option that will help control thick hair, but still give you a bit of styling options.
On your shelf - Gels. Applied to wet hair, it holds shape and leaves hair shiny, and it comes in varying hold strengths—from light to strong. It keeps your hair stationary and gives your hair the required stiffness.

Grow it out

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If you don’t want to go ultra-short, consider a longer style that will give the hair a little weight and hold it down. It will also give you more styling options. With thick hair, it’s best to go longer or very short. Mid-length styles often don’t work.
On your shelf - Use a hydrating product and a dense conditioner. This will add weight, and reduce the volume further. If your long locks are particularly thick and have a tendency to bouffant, then ask your hairdresser to cut some of the body out of them.

Say goodbye to grease

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If your crowning glory needs some ‘dry cleaning’, then consider giving it a good wash every day. Thick hair is prone to attracting dirt and grime, due to which the scalp becomes oily very soon.
On your shelf - Water-based pomade. It’s softer, not greasy, and it gives the hair definition and smoothness. Another option can be hair tonics, a greaseless alternative to get shiny hair without looking like some greasy punk kid.

Never have a dry patch

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Thick hair with a coarse texture, however, is usually dry. A low moisture content can be the result of natural causes, such as insufficient production of sebum, which coats and protects the hair.
On your shelf - Creams and waxes. Wax has a matte or shiny finish and is applied to hair that's dry or slightly damp to define and control select pieces or areas. It's extremely versatile, good for everything from messier bed-head looks to more structured styles.
All said and done, do not go overboard with the usage of hair products. Use these products for an added style quotient, but also remember – natural often looks the best. Your hair is a social asset. But in case you mess up your work of art, don’t worry—it’s a washable canvas!
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