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33 killed, scores wounded as rains, snowfall rip through Pakistan

Feb 6, 2013 , ,


ISLAMABAD: At least 33 people were killed and scores injured as heavy rain and snow fall ravages different parts of Pakistan during last three days. rain has been lashing most parts of the country for two days.In some hilly areas, people took refuge in mosques.

According to reports, a child was killed and four persons injured in Pakistan’s northwestern city Peshawar when the roof of a house collapsed. Likewise, two girls were killed while their parents and two brothers wounded in a roof collapse in a Peshawar suburb.Seven people were killed in Jaswant Singh area after roofs of several homes caved in. One person was killed and three injured after the roof of a hotel collapsed in Pindi Bhattian.

Two girls were killed while their parents and two brothers were injured when the roof of their home collapsed at Pakha Ghulam village in Peshawar.

A child was killed and four people were injured in Yousafabad in Peshawar when the roof of a house collapsed.

In Haripur, a small city in the north of federal capital Islamabad, six members of a family were swept away by gushing water in a seasonal stream. In Landikotal, four persons, including a woman and minor, were killed as the roof of a house collapsed due to a heavy downpour in the Ghariza area in Jamrud tehsil of Khyber Agency.

According to the Met Office, Peshawar received 20 millimetres rain during the last 24 hours and 120 during the last three days. There was forecast of more rain during next 24 hours. As per Met Office, 15 millimeter rain was recorded in Dipalpur during the last 12 hours, 47 mm in Islamabad, 43 mm in Kakul, 40 mm in Garhi Dupatta and 35 mm in Para Chinar and Balakot. Cherat crossed the ever-highest record of 148 mm rain. Saidu Sharif received 138 mm rain, Risalpur 136 mm, Lower Dir 107 mm, Rawal Kot 95 mm, and Mianwali 51 mm.

There were several other reports of people being killed during the rain and snow




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