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Paul McCartney used to think vegetarians were wimps

Jan 26, 2013


London, January 26 (ANI): Sir Paul McCartney thought vegetarians were softies when he was a kid. "Growing up in Liverpool, I'd have seen a vegetarian as a wimp. We could be a prejudiced bunch," the Daily Star quoted him as saying. The ex-Beatle, who hasn't eaten meat for 40 years, made the confession while discussing his commitment to vegetarianism and his involvement in the new ad campaign promoting his late wife Linda's line of chilled, meat-free meals. He then notes that he thinks it's great that there's "definitely now an overall greater acceptance of being vegetarian," while pointing out that restaurants and supermarkets are offering more meat-free choices. McCartney goes on to praise his late wife for playing a "massive part" in promoting the vegetarian lifestyle through her Linda McCartney Foods line, which he says "kick-started a revolution of choice in the food industry." (ANI)




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