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Today we have many type of new applications, which will help in promoting Hindi very fast on Internet : Ravindra Prabhat

Feb 7, 2012 ,


Face to Face

Ravindra Prabhat is a renowned Hindi writer,Poet,novelist & New Media Person, connected with many periodicals. He is also involved in active writing in print media and his blog Parikalpana. One can discern a strong stream of nationalism, patriotism, and agony over the present situation in almost all his writings. He last two- two and a half decades of continuous literature in various disciplines are enforce. His compositions are published by almost all major Hindi papers in India and abroad – have been published in journals and his poems were compiled into a half-dozen popular poetry collections. He is a regular columnist for the Daily News activist & Jansandesh Times Hindi daily published from Lucknow.who has written Several book as HAMSAFAR(Ghazal Collection) . contemporary Nepali literature(edited). Mat Rona Ramajani Chacha (Ghazal Collection).Taki Bacha Rahe Loktantra(Hindi Novel).The History of Hindi Blogging Book .this is first evaluation of expression oriented book in Hindi Blogs world’s “Hindi Blogging: Expression of new revolution” was edited with awinash vachaspati.which has sold over 250 copies prior to publication, it is a great achievement in itself. It is published by Hindi Sahitya Niketan Bijnor. Prem Na Haat Bikaay (Hindi Novel) Current Released by the HIND YUGM. He had been awarded with Samvad Award (2009),Baba Nagarjuna Birth centenary Story Award (2011),Prables Blogger peak award (2011),Srijan Shri Award in Forth International Hindi Confrence Bangkok in Thailand and Sahitya Shri Award (2012) in Mumbai.

He is not also known as a skilled poet & Novelist in Hindi. but he has done some specific tasks in the field of blogging. In the year 2007 He started a new experiment Through Blog Analysis. he introduced several gems to the readers. "In the year 2007 this chain started in the prose form.later on in the year 2008 this changed in the form of literature.and it came before readers in 11 sections.In the year 2009 he transformed this blog on a large scale and with different classification by means of 25 segments presented the details of main blogs. In the same way this work got carried in the year 2010.and completed the work successfully.In the form of 21 sequels he presented yearly blog reports of various blogs .To keep positive the sketches of blog world .Blog utsav is a successful experiment.With positive thoughts Ravindra Prabhat organised and presented for the first time the main bloggers of blog world on one platform. and other than that poets also joined Blog utsav .This has given a positive message in the Hindi blog world.” Manoj Pandey caught up with Ravindra Prabhat during the Book Released Function of his Novel Prem Na Hat Bikay in World Book Fair, Pragati Maidan New Delhi 

What is your view as a poet as your linked to several prose and poetry and it has been quite a long journey. rencently In the popular magazine INDIA TODAY there was an article published about the hindi poem "Shayari ka Jashn aur Kavita ka Matam"...?

This is true upto some extent that the Hindi poetry is decreasing day by day and the readers are also
reducing . To keep the current status presentation and the anger raised by the poems presentation . In today's scenario the Hindi poetry is far from the readers. Every year thousands of rupees are spent from Govt. budget also on Hindi poetry but the fan fare has been reduced. This is true that if Hindi poetry is not taught in the syllabus then the Hindi poetry fan will be reduced to minimum.

Although Hindi poetry are being published but they are not for sale but it is being presented . This is a bad sign for Hindi poetry. On the other hand GHAZAL is being treated in other form and the fan following of Hindi Ghazal is comming up day by day and possibilities have increased.

Today the people are not so much associated with Hindi. Although Hindi being our mother tongue but the attraction toward Hindi as decreased. Our young generation is also not so much attracted towards Hindi literature . So what is your openion about it ? 

Hindi literature is not only the medium of person reflection but to keep the society civilized and well it is a strong means. On the level of languages regional languages are also on the rise . and established by modern means breaking all geographical barriers vastly spreading in all four direction. Passing through fields and landlords atrocities, moneylenders crimes, tears in the eyes of villagers and passing through villages,cities landed in the lounge of the houses amidst the stress, depression etc. relieving the happy and grief stricken time . But suddenly when modernisation was in progress then the destruction of Hindi literature started . In cities there are two reasons for Hindi literature not being progressive. First is that in this progressive society people are not paying much attention on Hindi literature. This is the cause that in the cities we are getting far away from our culture also. and society is being disintegrated. Relationships are also on second reason is that. In this traditional style of writing litterateurs are not coming up. This feeling of shyness is keeping away from the city local readers. In cities youth are continuously experimenting on HIndi. Here in past few days HINGLISH is being promoted. This is posing a serious threat to HIndi Language. Looks as if the future is not bright for Hindi.

What is your opinion that how to control this harvested crop. ?

In my opinion Hindi literature and its activist should end their practice of bowing their heads and to wag their tails before the govt. We have to keep a watch on this fast chaging trend of time and society. Hindi language, literature and especially those interested in Hindi Poem should pay serious attention on it. So we should think that how to join more and more cities, town etc. Such that the bonds are more strengthening. People attached with Hindi literature today also atrtract the youth. In such way that the youths should get recognised by moolding them in Hindi literature.

Ravindra Prabhat Recieving the Srijan Shri Award in Bangkok (Thailand)    

When did you start blogging and what do you think of it now?

I started blogging in the June-2007. My first blog is and now the scope of blogging is very vast. Although Hindi blogging has not achieved too much successes and it will take some more time. But when the historians, authors, poets etc. will express their views in Hindi through Hindi blogs then only Hindi blog will achieve success and I also want to be a part of it in promoting Hindi blog. 

Do you think that blogging over the internet is just a hobby or it has some social aspects?

In my opinion blogging over the internet is not a hobby and it has some social aspects also because when I started blogging then a thought came to my mind that we can express our views and it will reach to may people all over the world and through blogging we can build a better and prosperous society. So that it can affect the changes going in the world. 

Why are the bloggers and their concern, not considered as mainstream talk?

The bloggers and their concern are not considered as mainstream talk because the views expressed by the young bloggers are not so clear and it does not match with the well known authors, poets etc. So it is necessary that people should come forward and give meaningful thoughts etc. So that the bloggers should also have a status in the society. In this direction collective efforts are required without any differences to promote Hindi blogs. 

Do you think that Blogging over serious aspects can really affect the changes.

In my opinion blogging over serious aspects can really affect the changes. As for e.g. there was an incident of 26/11 terrorist attack which was seriously taken up by the bloggers and the blog world and bloggers (specially Hindi bloggers) seriously expressed their grave concern over it and finally the result is in front of you. Like wise there is another example of homosexuality last year. When live in relationship was being promoted. Then also the blog world took up that matter seriously and the result is before you. 
Let, the readers know about you..? 

Myself Ravindra Prabhat and I am associated with stories, poems, novels, feature, Articles etc. in Hindi writing. I have been analyzing Hindi blog activities in my blog since the last 5 Years.I was born on 5th April 1969 in a village Mahindwara, Sitamarhi District, Bihar I was born in a middle class family. My primary & secondary education was done at same place. Therefore I did my education from Bihar University in Geography. In the initial phase before coming into service I did teaching and journalism in print media. Presently I am working as a Manager in a big Corporate Sector in Lucknow. In various scripts in the year 1991 my first book "HUMSAFAR" ghazal collection was published. And in the year 1995 SAMKALIN NEPALI SAHITYA book was edited by me and in the year 1999 MAT RONA RAMZANI CHACHA, Hindi ghazal collection Script writing is also done by me. NAYA BIHAN tele documentary film by DWAKARA was also written by me. In the year 2002 SMIRITISHESH, my Hindi poem collection was published from Kathyarup Publication, Allahabad. Two novels PREM NA HAT BIKAY and TAKI BACHA RAHE LOKTANTRA are Published By Hind Yugm Publication Delhi. And Two Inportant Books also released on Blogging in Hindi . This is  first book on Blogging In Hindi. 
How much time do you spend on Littreture / blogging and what are those hours? 

I do not get ample time due to official engagements and family problems etc. but generally I take out time for Littreture & blogging and that is 3-4 hrs. 

How do your family members react to this? 

For the last two decades I am engaged in literature writing and an active participant in Literature writing and social networking etc. I get full Co-operation from my family members specially my wife also do not react when I am busy in blogging. 
We see, there is less young Writers/bloggers, do you think there exists any career in blogging ? 

In present circumstances I feel like that there are little chances in Hindi blogging. As far as career is concerned the chances are too low. But in the coming years the blogging will be a fruitful career. For e.g. Parikalpna blog Utsav has got a sponsor. This is for the 1st time in the history of Hindi blog that a blog has been promoted and has got a           sponsorship.

R.Prabhat Recieving the Baba Nagarjuna Birth centenary Story Award    

Google doesn\'t support Hindi with adsense, so do you really look for an alternative?

It is not like this Google has not limited the boundation of languages etc. today we can convert Indian script to other language. The people who are not known to Devnagiri Script can also understant in the language they know at one click. The work done by Internet for Hindi for the last 5 years has got tremendous success which was not possible in last 25 years. Today we have got new hardware/applications in Hindi which will help in promoting Hindi very fast. 
We see a kind of lobbying and tacit support kind of culture in terms of comments and liking. Do you think it as a good sign. 

Prabhat Recieving the Prables Blogger peak award in Lucknow    

Criticism from any kind of literature may affect the blogger. But there is no need to worry about it. If you believe in clear literature and your views are clear then I think it as a good sign that one can make a change through different views.                                                                          

What are your future plans?  
To promote all Writers specially new Writers thru Parikalpnaa Blog Utsav  ant should bring collectively all Writers on one platform so that Hindi blog should success in minimum time. 

Any message to the reader, you wish to convey.. ?

Meaningful thoughts, views expression do not fear with criticism and promote new bloggers through better expressions.

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